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Puppy Process Details

After reading the information listed below, please contact us if you are interested in being placed on the deposit list so we can get to know you better.

Reserving a Puppy & the Selection Process:

After we have spoken to you about our kennel and our dogs, if you wish to reserve a puppy, a $400 deposit will reserve a spot on the deposit list based on availability. We generally take 8 deposits (4 males, 4 females) and offer a waiting list. No deposit is necessary to be placed on the waiting list. The order of which the deposits are received does not determine a picking order of the puppies. We carefully match you with a puppy based on conversations with you and our evaluation of the puppies. We are with the puppies 24 hours a day for 7 to 8 weeks, and we get to know each puppy very well. At Bissel Grade Gun Dogs we feel this method provides the best chance of success for matching you with the best possible dog.

Puppy Deposits & Pricing:

2023-2024 Puppy Pricing: Both male and female puppies are $2,000 each.

In order to reserve a puppy, a $400 deposit is required and will go towards the purchase price of your puppy. The $400 deposit is non-refundable unless there are not enough puppies born or we are unable to match you with your chosen gender. If this happens, you can choose to receive your deposit back or transfer it to the deposit list for the next upcoming litter. Exceptions to the non-refundable deposit will be made on a case-by-case basis.


Options for methods of payment for deposits include PayPal, Venmo, or personal check. If you choose to send your deposit via PayPal, send to Sarah Brown using cell phone #: 715-553-0758 or email address Please make sure you send via "Friends & Family" to avoid fees. If sending through Venmo, send to Sarah Brown (@SarahBrown1633) and verify with Sarah's cell: 715-553-0758. Again, please make sure you send between Friends, NOT as a "Good or Service" to avoid fees. FYI- with PayPal and Venmo, if you have a credit card linked to your account versus a debit card or bank account, you may not be given the option to send money via "friends" and it might automatically send as a "good or service", which will charge a fee to the person you are sending the money to. Please review PayPal's and Venmo's policies on fees. If using PayPal or Venmo, all service fees to be paid by the buyer. A receipt will be emailed to you for the deposit. Please make sure you check your spam folder in case the email does not come directly to your inbox. 


To be placed on the current deposit list, we first need to speak to you on the phone to ensure the litter is a good match for you. Once we have spoken to you we will ask you to complete and submit the 'Deposit List Form' at the bottom of this page, and mail your deposit to: Nathan Steeber, 1633 170th Street, Centuria, WI  54824 if you are not using PayPal or Venmo. As soon as the form and deposit are received, your name will be placed on the deposit list, and we will email you a receipt.     

Picking Up Your Puppy:

You can pick your puppy up in person at our home in Centuria, Wisconsin when they are 7 to 8 weeks old. The preferred method of payment for the remaining $1,600 balance is cash (if picking up in person). If your puppy is being shipped, you can pay by PayPal or Venmo prior to your puppy being shipped. You will be given a receipt for the final payment.    


Shipping your puppy by airline is also an option. If we need to ship your puppy by airline, we ship out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport in Minneapolis, MN. Your puppy will be shipped as cargo through American Airlines PetEmbark. You can visit their website to learn more. Please keep in mind that there are temperature restrictions which can make it difficult to ship to and from certain parts of the country during the summer and winter months. We will coordinate with you on arranging flight times. It is a good idea to bring towels and cleaning supplies with you when you pick your puppy up in case they have an accident in their crate. We also recommend bringing a collar, leash, and water. 


You will be responsible for all expenses associated with shipping by air, which include:

  • Air freight: ~$500-$700

  • An airline approved crate: ~$80

  • Transportation (Gas Mileage) to Airport: $35 

  • Supplies for shipping the puppy (puppy pee pad for crate, water dish, food): ~$20

  • Health certificate issued by veterinarian: ~$60

Approximate total cost to ship by air= $650-$850. The remaining balance for the puppy as well as all shipping fees need to be received prior to shipping the puppy.

Health Guarantee:

Both the sire and the dam of the puppies are fully health tested including thyroid and hip testing and are certified free of hip dysplasia. This helps ensure you are getting the very best bred puppy possible. All puppies have a 2-year health guarantee for genetic deficiencies. This guarantee does not cover environmental or man-made problems, such as gun-shyness created by the owner that did not properly introduce their dog to the gun before hunting season. Also understand that we cannot guarantee a breeding quality animal. If the guarantee is exercised, we will replace the dog (shipping expenses not included) from the next available litter. In some unique cases, we may provide a refund. The guarantee is made only with the buyer and is not transferable to any other person or entity.

Before you pick your puppy up, they will have their tails docked, first round of vaccinations including deworming, and will have been health checked by a veterinarian. You will be responsible for additional vaccinations that come due after the puppy is 8-weeks of age. We guarantee our puppies are in good health when they leave our property and are free of any congenital health defects. Health issues that arise after 72 hours of receipt of the puppy are the responsibility of the buyer. We cannot control environmental issues after the puppy leaves our property.



All Bissel Grade Gun Dogs litters will be registered with NAVHDA and AKC with limited registration. Limited Registration means that the dog cannot produce registered offspring unless the breeder revokes the limited status. Bissel Grade Gun Dogs will happily revoke the limited status and provide full breeding registration after you meet certain performance and health clearances with your dog. (If your intent is to breed, please discuss this with us and we will provide more information). We are committed to improving the German Wirehaired Pointer breed and want to make sure that only healthy animals with proven hunting abilities are bred. If your dog has met the requirements and has proven to be an exceptional animal worthy breeding, we encourage you to contact us for breeding recommendations.  


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