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Current Deposit List

ATTENTION: Please DO NOT complete the form below until you have spoken to us on the phone and we ask you to complete. Please call Nathan Steeber at 715-553-0569. Forms will NOT be accepted from anyone we have not spoken to directly on the phone.
Bissel Grade Gun Dog's Deposit List Form
This form is for buyers to complete that we agree to place on the deposit list. By completing this form, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the Puppy Process outlined on the Puppy Process page.
Preferred Gender of Puppy
Method of Payment for $400 Deposit. If sending a personal check, please mail to: Nathan Steeber 1633 170th Street Centuria, WI 54824

Thank you for submitting your acknowledgement of the Bissel Grade Gun Dog's puppy process to be placed on the current deposit list. Please don't forget to mail your deposit. Once your deposit is received, you will be placed on the deposit list and a receipt will be emailed to you.

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