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Stud Dog Service

After reading the information listed below, please contact us if you are interested in using our stud dog for your next breeding.

Stud Dog Information
Please visit the
Our Dogs page for detailed information on VC Wesson

Name of stud dog (Official registered name): VC Bone Point's Voyageur (Wesson)

Owner of stud dog: Nathan Steeber

Stud dog bate of birth: 3/10/2015

Address: 1633 170thStreet, Centuria, WI 54824

Phone #: 715-553-0569


Terms Of Contract:

The fee for this service is (amount to be based on price of one puppy) to be paid at the conclusion of the service. If no pregnancy results, a return service will be given to the same bitch on her next heat cycle, using the stud dog listed above. If the above stud dog is not available, half of the fee for the service will be refunded back to the owner of the bitch. The stud owner needs to be notified as soon as it is known that there is no pregnancy to be eligible for the free return service. Stud owner will provide a return service up to two additional times with no charge. If no pregnancy results during the two return services, half of the fee will be refunded back to the owner of the bitch. One puppy whelped alive or dead constitutes a litter, and no refund will be provided to the owner of the bitch.  

Conditions Stud Dog Owner Agrees To:

  1. Provide bitch owner with a complete three generation pedigree of the dog.

  2. Take normal adequate care of the bitch while in our charge.

  3. Have the stud dog in good physical condition, current with annual vaccinations and a clear Brucellosis test.

  4. Sign litter registration promptly and return to bitch owner.

  5. Provide a return stud service up to two additional times with the same stud dog to the same bitch, if no pregnancy results from the mating, at no charge. To receive the return service, the bitch owner must notify the stud dog owner of failure to conceive, in writing, not more than 70 days following the mating. If the stud is no longer available for the return service, the stud owner will refund half of the fee to the owner of the bitch.

  6. Provide the bitch owner with a written receipt for the stud service and a record of the breeding dates.

Conditions Bitch Owner Agrees To:

  1. Pay the agreed stud service fee immediately after the bitch is serviced.

  2. Provide a three generation pedigree before servicing.

  3. Provide veterinary certificate of current annual vaccinations, including Bordetella (kennel cough) and a clear Brucellosis test.

  4. Send bitch in good health and in season. The owner of the bitch is responsible for obtaining and paying for necessary progesterone testing of the bitch to determine ovulation and timing of the breeding.

  5. Notify stud dog owner/agent, in writing, no later than 70 days after mating if no pregnancy results from the mating. Failure to do so will result in no return service being provided.

  6. Keep the bitch properly confined following the breeding to ensure no other dog could mate her accidentally before mating season is finished.

  7. Agrees to not knowingly sell or transfer puppies whelped as a result of this mating to any person or firm connected with the business of resale or wholesale of dogs.

  8. Agrees to pay all expenses incurred for the purpose of the breeding at the time in which they are incurred, including, but not limited to, transportation of the bitch, all veterinary costs, artificial insemination costs, semen collection (fresh, chilled, or frozen), and shipping of the same, as applicable; provided that the stud dog owner shall pay for collection/AI in the case of a natural breeding where the stud dog cannot breed the bitch.


Other Conditions:

  1. One puppy born alive or dead constitutes a litter, and no refund will be provided to the owner of the bitch.

  2. If the bitch fails to conceive on the two return services following the original service, half of the fee will be refunded back to the owner of the bitch.

  3. Stud dog owner and bitch owner to agree on the breeding type. Both parties agree that any AI or TI must be performed by a licensed veterinarian or breeder.

  • Natural breeding

  • Fresh semen via artificial insemination (aka side by side artificial insemination (AI))

  • Fresh, chilled semen via: AI, Transcervical insemination (TI), Surgical implantation

  • Frozen semen via: Transcervical insemination, Surgical implantation


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